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Jan, 2024

Niles Baseball League FAQ

You have questions. Let's answer some of them!

Can I bring in a full team?  Typically no. At NBL, we DO honor coach and friend play requests, but to keep the league balanced and to avoid "loaded" teams coming into our league, we typically DO NOT allow full teams to sign up. However, if you do have a full/near full team, please email the league in advance to discuss.
When will I know what team I'm on? 
Usually within 10-14 days of evaluations. Your coaches will reach out, introduce themselves, and fill you in on some of the particulars.
When does the season start? Weather permitting, we will begin practicing in mid-April, as well as playing some practice games against each other. Our season goes from May 1 through mid-June, plus playoffs which end around the last week of June. If you have vacation plans, tell your coach.
How many games do we play? 
2 pre-season games + 12 regular season games + playoffs (Pinto is typically a 10-game season, no playoffs)
How often do we play? 
You'll play 2-4 times a week for the most part. Once the season begins, practice time will lessen but shouldn't disappear. You can possibly play any day of the week though we try to avoid Sundays unless rainouts leave us no choice.
Who do we play? 
We play in the CSYBA, which generally means we will be playing teams from Niles, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Norwood Park, etc. All local teams, and never more than a 15-20-minute trip to any field.
I cannot see any programs when I try to register. What's wrongYou must first make an account for your child in order to see an available program. Also, make sure your child's birth date falls in line with one of our programs. If you still have issues, please contact us.
What gear does my player need for the season? 
A mitt, a helmet, baseball pants, baseball cleats (plastic for all levels except Pony), a mask if Covid is active, and a water bottle. We will supply you with a jersey, a hat, and socks.
Should I buy a bat? You certainly can, although it is not mandatory. Look for a bat with the USA Stamp (not USSSA) to be assured your bat will be acceptable in games. All wood bats are ok to use.

What if my son has Karate on Wednesdays? Let your coach know all your child's potential conflicts and he will do his best to work the practice schedule around them.
What are the league rules? 
You can check out the rules on CSYBA web site.
Can I do anything to help? YES! No single coach can successfully coach a team—it takes at least 3-4 dedicated parents to help out in order to keep kids safe, and keep games running smoothly. Please ask your coach if there is anything you can do to help.
How can I encourage my young athlete to improve? REPETITION! We at the NBL believe in player development, so we offer as many clinics and practices as we can. But having said that, GOOD BALLPLAYERS ARE MADE AT HOME! Play catch 3 times a week for 15 minutes. Swing a bat for 5 minutes a day and watch the improvement! Most of all, make it fun, don't make it a chore or a job.
Does the NBL offers skills clinics? Yes, we will be putting on some clinics in April at our LoVerde indoor turf facility. Check our web site and stay tuned for details!
Is there a Picture Day? Yes, details to come. Individual and team photos will be taken.
Does the NBL let players walk in the 4th of July Parade? 
Yes, details to come. It's a really fun event and the kids have a blast.
What do I do if a game is rained out? Your coach will contact you. NEVER assume a game is rained out until you receive that call. Sometimes you still have to show up to the field, and the coaches and umpire must make the determination on-site.
Is there a Rainout Hotline? Yes, each Park District has one. If your team is playing in Skokie, you need to call the Skokie Rainout Hotline. In Niles, call 847-583-2777. The NBL Hotline is typically updated at 3PM the day of the game.
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